January Event
January 20 EFJ Welcome Back 2018 FUN DAY—KPCEC
Feburary Event
February 15-18 Inter-Caribbean Jumping Competition—Martinique
February 24 Jumping Training/Educational Show—KPCEC
March Event
March 10/td>

1st Stewart’s Jumping League + EFJ AGM—KPCECc
March 24-27 FEI Equestrian Sport Educative Event (ESEE) Cross Country—Ponderosa
April Event
April 10-13 FEI Course Level I Jumping Judge—Barbados
April 21 2nd Stewart’s Jumping League/1st FEI World Jumping Challenge—KPCEC
May Event
May 19 3rd Stewart’s Jumping League/2nd FEI World Jumping Challenge—KPCEC
June Event
June 30 3rd FEI World Jumping Challenge & EFJ Jumping Show—KPCEC
July Event
July 11 RJC Jumping Competition (In place of CEA)—KPCEC
August Event
September Event
September 28-30 Dressage Clinic & Practice Show—KPCEC
October Event
October 13-16 FEI Equestrian Sport Educative Event (ESEE) Dressage—KPCEC
November Event
November 3-4 Jamaica International/Invitational & Gymkhana Games—KPCEC
November 16-20 FEI General Assembly—Bahrain
December Event

Note: Dates may be subject to change